This is mazo

Mazo produce and re-launch both the iconic international design classics, and the hidden gems that have only been produced in a small number in this design universe. We are serious about authenticity. We rely on it, as it is the core of our existence.

Magnus Sangild, Magnus Stephensen & Louise Buus (from left to right)




RAE Full Body

There was a time when a mirror was a mirror. A one-dimensional surface you could reflect yourself in – in the bathroom, in the hallway or behind a closet door in the bedroom. Purely practical. Today, the mirror is being unveiled to be something else and something more.

RAE Mirror collection

FER Coffee Table

The round table is something special. It can be the centre of other furniture, assemble a room – and gather people. When we get together around it, we share the same space; the same physical starting point for taking part in a conversation, ideas and thoughts.

FER collection