Collection: MOD Shelving System

Magnus Sangild, 2023

We introduce MOD Shelving System, a new modular shelving system that stands out with its minimalist design, simple and robust construction, and honest exploration of the materials aluminum and oak.

MOD is a versatile shelving and cabinet storage solution crafted to fit any environment - whether it's functioning as an elegant shelving system for the living room, a storage piece in the kitchen, or a stylish display in a shop or office space. The system consists of wall-mounted solid oak wood rails, with shelves available in both aluminum and oak wood and a cabinet in oak wood. The MOD Shelving System blends aluminum and oak for a strong and durable design. Aluminum offers lightweight strength and beautiful patination, while oak adds warmth. 

Build your unique shelving system with endless possibilities. We have selected standard setups but you can also customize your own - contact us for inspiration and assistance in tailoring your unique shelving solution.